dmi office

Sector: industrial
Project Name: Renovation of the dmi office building in Dyatkovo (RU)
Typology: renovation
Client: OOO Katyusha
Year: 2013

We designed and built this renovation of the office building of an important furniture company, located in Dyatkovo, Russia. The original building was conserved and rejuvenated as a work of brand architecture.

Prior to being renovated, the dmi office building was an anonymous and ordinary, though functional construction. The renovation project pursued the idea of transforming the façade without invasive changes to the building structure.

By adopting the company’s new communications programme, architecture becomes a tool of expression and coherence. This is made possible by two devices – the entry portal and the cladding in steel and larch wood boards – that change the perception of the dimensions of the building and transmit the company’s values and activities.

The demolition of a few internal partitions allowed for the realisation of a one hundred seat lecture hall, generally used for corporate gatherings but also open to hosting external events.

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