Elettronica Veneta

Sector: industrial
Project Name: Elettronica Veneta S.p.A. Renovation in Motta di Livenza (TV)
Typology: architectural renovation
Client: Elettronica Veneta S.p.A.
Year: 2007

We renovated this factory for Elettronica Veneta, an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of didactic equipment and laboratories.

Elettronica Veneta is a historic company in the province of Treviso that has been manufacturing didactic equipment for over fifty years. Operating at the highest level in the international market, the company was looking for a project that would communicate its values, for a building that, despite not being a commercial structure, regularly hosts longstanding and potential clients.

The fil rouge of the renovation project was a sense of Italianness. In architectural terms this translated into the use of vast glazed surfaces, some coloured, and the introduction of sloping columns that recall the traditional bricole of the Venetian Lagoon.

Designed to be recognisable from a distance, the building, with its long and low form, is marked by a strong degree of asymmetry that defines its rhythm and dynamism.

The entry vestibule is set at one end of the building, making it immediately visible. The opposite side features a series of independent offices.

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