Tretyakov Hotel

Sector: hospitality
Project Name: Tretyakov Hotel Renovation in Dyatkovo (RU)
Typology: architectural renovation
Client: OAO Dyatkovo DOZ
Year: being completed

We designed this project to convert an old school in Dyatkovo into a hotel.

The old school in Dyatkovo is the only stone building in the city. As part of the plan to transform the city into the “City of Crystal” – a tribute to the largest crystal factory in Russia once located here – and with the intention to restore this historic building to use by tourists, we were asked to transform it into a hotel.

Only the external walls were conserved in our design, which includes an expansion of the entrance and stairwells. The materials are contemporary, though the ties with the existing structure are maintained by the decorative mouldings and the design of the roof.

The hotel occupies three floors, one in the basement: this space is home to the breakfast room, with its original vaulted ceilings and insulated floor assembly. In the main hall, an exposed stair wraps around a central volume that reaches up to the contemporary coffered ceiling. The use of exposed brick defines the fil rouge linking the basement level and the main hall.

The hotel rooms were designed to suggest a sense of Italianness.

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