New Jireh jewellery store in Oderzo

Sector: commercial
Project Name: New Jireh jewellery store in Oderzo (TV)
Typology: interior design
Client: Jireh
Year: 2017

As part of the restyling of an existing commercial space we proposed a project that enlivens the interiors to create Jireh, a new jewellery store.

Jireh sells jewellery and small valuable objects whose characteristics require a particular approach to their presentation and the right tools of expression: elegance and luminosity.

The walls are finished in wallpaper and enamel paint to enliven the interiors without distracting attention from the display cases. The centre of the store is occupied by two display cases. Similar to the counter, they are characterised by oblique lines and a discrete use of the colour red, the store owner’s favourite colour.

A great deal of attention was focused on the study of light to conserve the brilliance of the interiors, which is fundamental to the correct presentation of the valuable objects on display.

The restyling of the spaces of the store coincided with the creation of a new logo and brand identity package.

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