Bergamin Shopping Centre

Sector: commercial
Project Name: Bergamin Shopping Centre in San Donà di Piave (TV)
Typology: architectural renovation
Client: Sviluppo Immobiliare S.p.A.
Year: design phase

We designed this renovation of an older Bergamin store to transform it into a shopping centre perfectly integrated within the city of San Donà.

The large red building of the Bergamin furniture chain, located in San Donà, is currently being refurbished and transformed into a shopping centre.

Limited demolitions will create two separate buildings connected by a walkway. There are two façades: one facing the city of San Donà with stairs leading to a pedestrian walkway serving the shopping centre, and another facing a public square with moving walkways connecting it to the upper level. The different floors will have different functions: the ground and first floor will be reserved for commercial activities, while the upper levels will be converted to residential units.

The characteristic red colour was maintained, though the appearance of the building was rendered more interesting by adding asymmetrical windows on all of the elevations.

The project involves the coordination of a large group of people, from the owners to the dealers, designers and local authorities.

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