House in Meduna di Livenza

Sector: residential
Project Name: Private residence in Meduna di Livenza
Typology: architectural design
Client: private
Year: 2015

We designed this house while imagining how it would be used by its owner and his family.

The house was constructed on a very large lot, for a very large family, already accustomed to living in a sizeable home.

We were asked to design a home that reflected the client’s personality and habits: a love for entertaining and close ties to the home and family. The heart of the project is the tavern, an inviting space designed to welcome guests and perfect for spending time together. This space, inspired by those of a traditional farmhouse, was the object of a great deal of attention during both the architectural and interior design phases. The objective was to unite the urban forms of the house with the suggestions offered by this traditional space. The kitchen was also designed with the same objective of creating a very large and convivial space.

The first floor features three bedrooms with ensuite baths and a room dedicated to sport.

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