Maltsovsky Shopping Centre

Sector: commercial
Project Name: Shopping Centre in Dyatkovo (RU)
Typology: architectural design
Client: Virta OOO
Year: being completed

We designed this shopping centre by renovating an abandoned industrial area and transforming it, to all intents and purposes, into an extension of the city.

The Maltsovsky Shopping Centre in Dyatkovo is situated in an area once occupied by the oldest crystal factory in Russia. Founded by Ivan Maltsov, the factory once employed thousands of people: the production of crystal represented the principal activity in the region for many years. The client thus came up with the idea to rehabilitate the ten thousand square meters of this former industrial site to create the “City of Crystal”, a vast urban project of commercial and recreational activities for the residents of Dyatkovo.

The project, currently being completed, includes a shopping centre with spaces for leisure and dining. The centre is organised by the most typical elements of a city: a central square, a point of arrival and encounter and hub of a series of paths connecting its main parts.

The buildings are characterised by bright colours that bring joy and cheerfulness to an area that suffers from long and grey winters.

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