Sme Retail Outlet

Sector: commercial
Project Name: Project Name: Sme Retail Outlet in Martignacco (UD)
Typology: architectural design
Client: Gruppo Sme
Year: 2006

We designed and coordinated the realisation of this retail outlet for Sme, an important commercial group specialised in the sale of home appliances, furniture and household articles.

Constructed inside a vast commercial area near a large suburban road, the building hosts one the Sme group’s largest retail outlets.

Characterised by the brand’s colours and logo, the store is highly visible from the road, though those travelling from east to west see the back of the building before the front. This meant that even the rear of the building was designed with a communicative role: the roof of the fire stairs creates a regular succession of elements and stimulates viewers to complete the sequence, drawing their attention to the large sail that indicates the entrance.

The façade is characterised by two offset sails that meet at the centre of the elevation, in correspondence with the main doors.

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