Renovation in Portogruaro

Sector: residential
Project Name: Renovation in Portogruaro (VE)
Typology: architectural renovation
Client: private
Year: 2005

We renovated this home from the 1970s by modernising its exteriors and transforming the interiors.

This house in Portogruaro was constructed during the 1970s. Prior to our renovation it conserved many of the original elements from this period, evident in its form and layout. Our clients asked us to make the house more modern and to imagine – for the future – the possibility to divide it into two independent apartments, a request with a notable impact on the mechanical and electrical systems.

The underlying idea of our proposal is based on a contamination of expressions.

The façade was renewed by building a wall in exposed brick and a column that extends to the upper level. More than simply structural, this element was also given an expressive role.

Natural colours and materials are employed inside and outside the house.

The interiors were inspired by the clients and their passion for detail: the capital of the column-sculpture, an homage to the architecture of Mies van der Rohe, was finished in gold leaf to add a typically Venetian touch of the exquisite, warming the rigorous straight lines of columns and beams.

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